• Who we are.

    TheRedPin Mortgage Brokerage is a boutique mortgage firm, paired with the network and support of a national brokerage.

    We help home buyers who are looking to fall in love with their first home, search for a new home or invest in property. We also specialize in mortgages for those who are self-employed, looking to renew a mortgage or use the equity in a home for renovations or debt consolidation.


    The mortgage market place has changed dramatically over the years and continues to evolve. For a first-time buyer or seasoned investor, the guidance of a professional mortgage agent is required now more than ever. Instead of working with one bank or lender, and accepting what they have to offer, we have relationships and access to more than 50 lending institutions. These include major banks, credit unions and trust companies. Through this choice and competition for your business, we are able to secure the right mortgage solution for your current and future needs.


    TheRedPin Mortgage values your time. Don't waste hours of your day going from bank to bank and meeting to meeting, looking for the best rate. We do the mortgage shopping for you. And for added convenience, our licensed mobile mortgage agents can meet you anytime at your home or office.


    Our goal is to educate our clients and create a tailored plan for their unique situation. Through our guidance we ensure you are properly informed to make the right decisions about your financial future.


  • Meet Our Team

    Andrea Jolly

    Principal Mortgage Broker

    As a problem solver who loves working with people, being a mortgage broker is my dream career. I’m truly proud to be the Principal Broker of such a great team of mortgage agents. Their professionalism and enthusiasm can only be matched by their concern for their clients' financial well-being. Now more than ever the mortgage marketplace is a challenge to navigate, and our goal is to inform and guide you through the process.


    I chose to align myself with a brokerage that is forward thinking and wants to innovate the way clients finance their properties. Home financing isn't the fun part of home ownership. But our aim to is make it simple and easy to understand, so you can get back to enjoying your home with the peace of mind that comes with outstanding advice.

    Andrew Turnbull

    Mortgage Agent

    Everyone loves that feeling of owning a new home, but the journey to get there is not always an easy one. I am here to take the frustration out of the financing aspect of the buying process. I've been in the industry for over 13 years and educating my clients is my chief responsibility, as well as my favourite part of the job. I work with all types of clients, from all walks of life, and knowing I've helped them get that set of keys to their new home, is the most fulfilling part of being a Mortgage Agent. Working hand-in-hand with TheRedPin's software and their expert team of realtors, is the ideal one-stop-shop to find your perfect home and that new set of keys.

    Denise Laframboise

    Mortgage Agent

    When I purchased my first home, I gave very little consideration to the financing aspect. I didn't choose a product, I made an appointment and was given a mortgage. ​

    It wasn't until I was ready to refinance my first home, and purchase my second, that I discovered the world of mortgages was full of choice. For this more complicated transaction, I worked with a Mortgage Agent.


    The details of mortgage transactions and the way they fit together was of great interest. I started researching the industry and it was soon apparent that with my Economics Degree a career in mortgages would be a perfect fit. My previous career in Medical Radiation Technology has given me an ingrained sense of confidentiality, understanding, empathy and patience that I bring with me to the client-centered industry of mortgage solutions. My goal as your Mortgage Agent is to provide you with the expertise and insight you need to make informed decisions for all of your mortgage needs.​​

    Long Lam

    Mortgage Agent

    Change is the only constant in life, and even though we can't change the direction of the wind, we can adjust our sails to reach our destination. Whether that's purchasing your very first home or completing renovations, sound financial advice will be the sails that will help you reach your end goal.


    I have been in the financial services industry for 17 years and have helped countless families reach their changing destinations. Share your future goals with me and I'll show you how to get there.

    May Sulit

    Mortgage Agent

    With over 19 years of experience working as a Mortgage Agent and Senior Underwriter, I understand the importance of listening to customer needs and using my experience to recommend the most suitable solutions. It’s important for me to deliver a high level of customer service while guiding you through your mortgage needs. With TheRedPin Mortgage, it is all about solutions for the clients. TheRedPin's software gives clients a greater level of flexibility and helps educate them on their options. Having a support staff providing timely information on the housing market in the GTA has been invaluable.

    Nicolee Evans

    Mortgage Agent

    To purchase my first home, I used a Mortgage Agent. I liked their client-centred approach, and always felt that they had my best interests at heart. That experience, coupled with a keen interest in the real estate market led me to research the mortgage industry. As a public relations professional for over a decade, I aspired to create my own business. Having worked alongside experts in their fields, it seemed only natural to specialize in mortgage solutions for small business and entrepreneurs. My goal as your Mortgage Agent is to find the best mortgage solutions available to you as a small business owner and entrepreneur, so that you can live your dreams both professionally and personally.​​​

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